Protect yourself from the nation’s emerging retirement crisis.

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The MPA-PG-rated documentary, The Baby Boomer Dilemma, will provide an in-depth look at our nation’s emerging retirement crisis and how you can protect yourself.

An exposé of America's Retirement Experiment, 'The Baby Boomer Dilemma' takes a deep dive into the reality of Pensions (both corporate and public), Social Security, 401(k), Annuities and the key traditional retirement planning elements. 

Watch and listen as a presidential advisor and Ph.D.'s reveal their projections on the year and amount your social security will likely be cut.

The film features the nation's top economists on retirement and retirement income; that includes, Nobel Prize-winning economists, and world-renowned economists from MIT, Stanford, Wharton, Berkeley, York, and BYU. While SEC whistleblowers reveal how money managers are legally stealing Americans' retirement.

The cast also includes Government insiders, Congressmen, the Comptroller General of the USA, the "Father of the 401(k)" and the 2019 President of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners who explain solutions to enjoying a peaceful and successful retirement based on scientific and mathematical facts.

This is the first MPA-rated film that looks at retirement income from award-winning director Doug Orchard.

For those in retirement or considering retirement in the next 10 years, this is a must see.
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